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Skeete easily handles Frontin in first eight round bout

13. January 2012

Rising welterweight prospect Bradley Skeete dropped opponent Michael Frontin in the first round with a startling uppercut before coasting to a one-sided decision win in what was his first fight scheduled for eight threes. Skeete defeated Frontin in front of a strong crowd at the home of British boxing – York Hall – in Bethnal Green, London on Friday, January 13 on a card staged by Queensberry Promotions.

With the height of a super middleweight, Skeete – at 6’1 – has a natural advantage over his welterweight peers. Skeete had previously informed On The Beak that selling tickets was the toughest aspect of fighting for pay compared to his amateur days, however, the man dubbed Super had strong support evident from his ring-walk alone.

That fanbase were in raucous mood when Frontin kissed the deck in the opening round due to a huge right hand and that knockdown, that took Frontin some time to recover from, threw the Mauritius man off his game as, in the following round, he boxed timid on the outside and appeared loathe to engage with Skeete.

In between the first and second round, Skeete was implored by his head cornerman Alan Smith to calm down. Such advice was heeded as, in the third, Skeete boxed like he was not in a rush and, instead, was fighting with discipline, retaining an awkward posture that continuously foiled Frontin (who landed a sole jab of note) whilst also sending out his own bombardment.

Frontin employed a tight defensive guard and so the vast majority of Skeete’s shots were blocked, but Frontin was still perturbed by Skeete’s power that he was throwing little and boxing negatively. What was entertaining about Skeete’s style was that he’d land and nod to himself as if pleased with himself and the success he was having. His general ring movement was captivating yet completely frustrating for Frontin, who was struggling to land a glove.

Skeete began double-jabbing in the sixth round and, like he had done earlier, again listened to his head coach, took the corner advice on board and began stepping to his left in order to force Frontin to circle in the same direction which would enhance the chances of him walking into one of Bradley’s right hands. The sixth round was also a landmark for Skeete, who had never boxed beyond the fifth during his entire career as a professional boxer.

In order to guarantee survival, calls of ‘keep moving’ could be heard from the red corner as Frontin stayed on the bounce in the eighth and final round. Frontin heard the final bell but lost every minute of every round as Skeete slayed his sixth successive opponent.

“I won every round, I used my boxing,” said Skeete to Box Nation. “I want to thank all my fans, and those who bought tickets, I sold over 100 once again. We’re going to have some great nights in 2012!”

With the win, he moved to 6-0-0, 2ko while Frontin fell to 3-12-1, 0ko.